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What is Paint by Numbers and How to Do It?

Simplistic, uncreative, and formulaic? What is your opinion about paint by numbers? To some extent, oil painting by numbers is really uncreative for professional painter, but for the people who like DIY or painting, it will be a great project, on the one hand, with paint by numbers they could create one amazing oil painting, on the other hand, it is easy to complete, only need meticulous.

What is paint by number?

The paint by numbers also called number drawing, usually the picture on canvas is divided into different shapes that marked with a number which corresponds to a particular color. You paint in each shape with correspond ink and ultimately the picture emerges as a finished painting totally like print by yourself.

What is in the paint by numbers kits?

In different shop, what included in paint by numbers kits is different. No matter where you buy paint by numbers, you should check kits after get it. Usually, there are some basic elements included, such as one paint by number canvas, corresponded inks, and some painting brushes.

How to get and do paint by numbers?

Shop online becomes more and more popular, online stores provides many great number paintings, such as the annebuy online store what is a website concentrate on the DIY crafts and arts.

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Steps of how to do paint by numbers:

Step one: Check the package you received from online, the package needs to include: one canvas, corresponded inks, and several paintbrushes.

Step two: Paint with number by number, piece by piece, color by color.

Step three: Check and modify the gap after finished the whole painting.

Tips while painting:

In the process of it, there are some my own tips, if you are the beginner for the paint by numbers, you can follow it.

  • First, in order to not wash brushes frequently, you could paint each color at a time, and start paint from the largest area to the smallest, top to bottom.
  • Second, start with darkest to light colors or the other way around and with little ink, it can help you understand the painting well.
  • Third, do not exceed the margin line while painting.
  • Fourth, dry the paintbrush after wash it, or the next color will not the same as the show.
  • Fifth, do not let too much oil on the brush one time, no waste and no overflow.
  • Sixth, for the area with two color numbers is means you need to mix the two colors ahead, paint with the mixed color not dip your brush from one color to another color.

To conclusion

If you are not profession, but like painting or DIY, drawing paint by numbers will be a great choice for you. No need to draw the whole frame, you can complete a wonderful piece of oil painting. What’s more, paint by numbers is a great DIY project, no matter for the adults or kids, it can help to express the stress and develop the attention ability. If you like it, why not take action now? If you are doing paint by numbers, hope you can enjoy your time to transform blank outline into something amazing and wonderful.

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