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Diamond Painting: What it is?

To all our painting lovers:

Diamond painting is a beautiful new art form that is suitable for everyone from all over the world. This art form is a really new craft for the world and those who like to DIY.

It is simple and perfect to paint with a diamond kit for anyone who is looking to pick up a new artistic hobby. A new hobby may make people lost the attention sometimes for everything seems strange and you know nothing about it. But as for someone who like to challenge new things, new hobbies should be exciting, not discouraging. That’s why we made this post.

What is Diamond Painting?
It is very common question when people know this new craft at the very start. Diamond painting is the contemporary art that glue "Diamond" to a canvas together to create a charming and attractive craft which is a piece of art shimmering just like diamonds when completing. Like a paint by numbers, you glue diamonds to a canvas by following number code carefully. Simply make the diamonds applied glue and stick them on the canvas in the designated area. And when completing full painting, you will be proud of.

Below is a original canvas:

Below is the diamond painting completing:

Popular canvases include landscapes, animals, custom , pop culture, abstracts, fantastic worlds, flowers, religious scenes, and natural view. There’s endless opportunity to create an attractive piece.

Diamond painting is a casual and easy hobby that can make people feel relaxed and proud. It’s simple and great to complete by yourself or with the help of your children, but please to pay more attention to your children. Never let them swallow the diamonds to threat their health.

Is 5D Diamond Painting and Cross Stitch the Same?
Although 5D diamond painting and cross-stitching are very similar, they are different in techniques that obtain similar results. Cross-stitching mainly takes advantage of fabrics stitched across a canvas, while diamond painting takes advantage of a pattern of glued diamonds. And normally, diamond painting need more time to complete than cross-stitching that relies on a more meticulous crafting process. Besides diamond painting and cross stitch, the paint by numbers is also a great DIY craft, so what is paint by numbers?

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  • Rosalie Gammon on

    More diy diamond kits please, (pictures to choose from).

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