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Fireworks 5D Full Drill Paintings

To all our painting lovers:

Making your wall decoration artistic with Fireworks 5D Full Drill Painting. If you are trying to decorate your wall with something charming, then this Fireworks 5D Full Drill Painting is the unique one. The free space of your wall will get an outstanding outlook. You can take advantages of this 5D incomparable diamond painting on any wall of your sweet home. It is very common that empty walls are full of possibilities. It is the time to explore these possibilities with elegant style. For this, you don’t need any additional thinking. You have to order Fireworks 5D Full Drill Painting. And its cost is affordable, it is only $6.90. You can customize any wall such as the bedroom’s wall, living room’s wall, the classroom’s wall, and also the entrance’s wall. So it is the easiest way to beautify your wall. You can consider this beautiful Fireworks 5D Painting as a gift. This item will remain long and make the picture of attraction on the wall of your favorite person’s home. Let’s see the internal attractions.


Features and Design

It is unique in its features. This, Fireworks 5D Full Drill Painting was created with DIY painting materials. It is original. It is created by painting and resin sequins. The brilliant sequins of the resin with unique gloss and the glittering light make its feature more attractive. And these are the most exoteric DIY Decors. It has a beautiful design with good drill painting with embroidery which is perfect for decoration. Fireworks 5D Full Drill Painting is perfect your bedroom or living room to match the ideal decorative styles. For its unique features, you will like it and, you can’t stop entering the world it offers to you.


Now it is about the design. The whole painting is containing multi-colored design. Especially, fireworks are looking eye catchy and gorgeous. Different colors of the fireworks look like real display on the sky. The background of the 5D fireworks is natural in its characteristics. It will make your wall more brighten. And the colors of all the elements in the Fireworks 5D Full Drill Painting are mixed up with artistic style. The color combination is aristocratic. You can’t distinguish the beauty of the Fireworks 5D Full Drill Painting. The bridge, bridge side fence and moreover the watercolor is authentic. So the whole 5D Diamond Painting will give you wonderful wall decoration. So, without any hesitation, you can place your order. You may remember that it is only for $6.99 and decorate your wall beautifully. It is affordable in price and enriches in design and style. And make your wall charming with Fireworks 5D Full Drill Painting.



The color is as shown on the picture. It comes with canvas material with rhinestone. The size of paint cloth is 40x30cm and diamond painting area 33x24cm. And before painting ,you have to remember that the sizes of the canvas and painting area are different. You should continue to do the painting according to the install guide. It is obvious that there is no frame with Fireworks 5D Full Drill Painting. But don’t worry! You can easily find one.

Package Materials

One (1x) diamond cloth on which you need to paste diamonds. One set (1x) diamond drawing tool. No frame is available.


DIY Diamond Painting Production Steps:

First, open the box, and you will find the diamond drawing special tools. Please view the resin diamond color, arranged in order of coding. Then, uncover tape drawing from the above section. You will find a huge number of symbols are corresponding to the color coding. Under the corresponding coded-color clamp, you have to correspond the resin inlaid diamonds. It will be faster if you complete one type first and then completes another set. To create a charming Fireworks 5D Full Drill Painting, put the drawings at the same time in one place of every row’s symbol. Don’t have to stuck diamond at all. To cut a perfect figure on the drawings, you should hold the sorted array mounted to the plane of the material above. You may concern about cracks of the canvas. To connect and spice you need flat against the neat. However, after a good combat, the rest of the gap at glue will correspond symbols of the diamond. It is suggested for a better result to put the selection of your drawing in a suitable framework. It will help you to finish a good DIY diamond drawing. If you can’t identify color then, take the color table as a reference. Fireworks 5D Full Drill Painting not finished. You have to finish it yourself.

At last, you will get a unique painting product for decorating your wall. Let’s make your wall attractive with the Fireworks 5D Full Drill Painting.


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