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DIY Your Christmas Gift Card with Die Cuttings

Are you still DIY gift card or birthday card by pencil and scissor? Are you trouble in choose what patterns show on card? If you are not very good at painting and DIY, make what you want is a little difficult. Now, I want to introduce you a great DIY tool, it not only can help you save much time and energy to make decoration, but make your card be more delicate. Now, follow this tutorial to DIY your gift card for your friends and family together.


Before your DIY the card, you should make sure the topic, is it birthday card, gift card, or festival card? Then prepare follow things.

1. Card - the card is used to make pattern on it with die cutting machine, so it is better a litter hard, but if you stick pattern on the card, just choose any paper you like.

2. Colorful paper (optional) - this colorful paper is put inside the card to make your card be more colorful, and you can write words on it.

3. Tape or Gule - after get the pattern from die cutting machine, you need to paste it on the card, you should paste it from inside of card.

4. Dies - The different dies you choose decided what pattern you will get, it is the same shape and dimension with dies.

5. Die cutting machine - This helps to cut same pattern with dies.Only need to put die and card into it.


Step one: fix die and card with plastic pad. The die should coming up with tails.

Step two: Shake the handle to put the plastic pad into machine.

Step three: Put out card, take out the useless paper among the pattern.

Step four: Paste the pattern you got on card through card inside, so people can not notice the trace.

Step five: Write down your wish inside the card.

After you followed those steps, a simple gift card is done. Of course, you can do more complex card with the die cutting machine and various of dies. These are some dies that are very suitable for Christmas.

Die Cutting

Chrismas Die Cutting

1. Merry Christmas

2. Christmas Deer die cutting

3. Christmas Tree

Gift Cutting Dies

The Christmas cutting dies will be a great tool for your DIY Christmas card, they usually be used on Christmas. There are many other great cutting dies, you can use it on gift card, home decoration, children homework, etc. Anyway, they will be good decorations for you DIY.

1. Leaf Dies

2. Hear shape die cutting

3. Letter die cutting

After get single letter, you can put the letter together to form words.

Above die cutting are from Annebuy, and you can get more beautiful cutting dies at 

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