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Detailed steps of how to do a diamond painting

Diamond painting is similar to painting by number, except that instead of using paint, you are using tiny, flat-backed rhinestones, crystals,beads or diamonds. The process can look intimidating, but it is actually quite simple. Once you know what to do, you can find the project both relaxing and rewarding.

Part 1:Setting Up the Canvas

1. Understand how to read the canvas. When you purchase a diamond painting and get it, the first thing to do is figure out the canvas .The canvas is composed of tiny boxes that are colored and labeled with numbers, much like a cross-stitch canvas. Each number corresponds to a diamond color. The numbers are written on a chart, with the corresponding bag and diamond color written below or next to it. The chart is typically printed on the side of the canvas.

2.Unroll the canvas and tape it down onto a flat surface. If the canvas won't lay flat, roll it back the other way, then unroll it. Spread it down onto a flat surface, then secure the edges with masking tape.

3.Peel back part of the plastic covering on the canvas. Do not peel all of the plastic away; 1 to 2 inches(2.54 to 5.08 centimeters) will be plenty. Run your fingernail along the plastic to crease it so that it doesn't roll forwards.

4.Pour out your first rhinestones color into the tray. Take a look at the patch of canvas you just exposed. Choose a box to start with, and note the number in it. Look the number up on the chart, then find the bag with the same number. Open up the bag, and pour out some of the beads onto the tray that came with your kit.

Part 2:Applying the Diamonds

1.Dip your pen tool into the glue that came with your kit.
 Open up the packet of gel that came with your kit. Dip the narrow end of the pen into the glue/wax to pick some up. This will make it possible for the pen to pick up the rhinestones.

2.Use the pen to pick up a rhinestone. Gently press the tip of the pen against the top, faceted part of the beads. Lift the pen away from the tray; the bead should be stuck to it.

3.Gently press the rhinestone against the corresponding square. Pull the pen away; the rhinestone should be stick against the canvas. If you are just starting out, it might be a good idea to press lightly at first. This way, if the rhinestone is off-set, you can nudge it back into place, then press down on it to secure it.

4.Fill the rest of the squares in that section. Work one color at a time and refill the pen with glue as needed. When you finish filling in all the squares with the same number code, move onto the next color. This will help you work faster and stay organized.

5.Peel away more of the plastic covering, and fill in more squares. Continue filling the canvas in using the same technique as before. Work in 1 to 2-inch (2.54 to 5.08-centimeter) wide sections, one color at a time. When you completely fill in a section, move onto the next one.

Part3: Finishing your work

1.Cover the canvas with the plastic sheet that it came with. If you discarded the sheet, you can cover it with a piece of paper or parchment paper; avoid using wax paper.

2.Go over the canvas with a rolling pin. This will press down any loose diamonds and secure them.If you don't have a rolling pin, you can use a can or jar instead. You can also gently rub the canvas with your hands instead.

3.Frame the canvas.Fold the excess edges down, then place the backing into place. Leave the glass out, as it will only dull down the diamonds' sparkle.

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  • Cathy McKenzie on

    How large are these pictures? Can you order replacement items if necessary? Are these plastic beads? Am interested but want to know more first. Thanks.

  • Elaine THOMPSON on

    I order 5 of them I just finish 2 and I can’t stop I enjoy a lot. Third one tomorrow

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    How beautiful they are, can’t wait to get my package so I can do it

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