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Annebuy or Amazon, where is a better place to buy 5D diamond painting?

5D Diamont painting is in vogue. Many lovers look everywhere for the beautiful paintings with reasonable price . Now there is a question, where is the best place to buy 5D Diamont painting?(click pictures to buy it!!!)


There are 3 reasons when choosing Annebuy.

1. The reasonable price

We cut out the middleman, and ship direct. So you don't pay extra for the countless unnecessary steps between the supplier and a traditional retailer's shelf.

2. There are many themes of diamond paintings

There are different types of painting. Such as animals, landscapes, festivals, figures, etc. Varied 5D Diamont painting meet your demand.

3. The complete tools,worldwide free shipping and buy 5,get 1 free!!!

The products are of high quality. High-quality production, without the addition of toner. In addition, they equip accessories for the craft. The most important is free shipping worldwide,and do not forget,buy 5pcs,get 1pc free!!!

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    My new email is I have been asking you for my order I haven’t gotten over 4 months ago it’s a floral you should have a email my phone got hacked I lost all my aol email so changed providers but you have yet to send me my order you said there was no tracking number give you a couple of weeks well it’s been that x4 I need a phone call to find out what’s going on and also feel I need to be compensated by getting another one at no cost you’re about to loose my business 334 382-9693 Donna Sheehan I need to hear from you

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